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Finding that balance

between reality and fiction...

Christian Fiction Writing
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A safe place to post and read stories.
Welcome to the community dedicated to inspiring artists as well as providing a safe place for posting your works! Community prompts are tailored towards Christian values, so please keep this in mind when posting! Being that this is a Christian community, we ask that our group members show kindness and fairness to other posters!

1. Play nice! Flames will not be tolerated!
2. If you wish your story to be critiqued, please indicate this in your author's notes otherwise it will be assumed that you do not want correction and only praise will be given.
3. Use the tags! If one is not available, please contact one of your mods about it!
4. Anything over 200 words must be under a cut. Also, no large photos may be posted above a cut. All pictures must be 300pxl and smaller to be posted outside of the cut. If you don't know how to do this, please contact one of us and we'll be happy to show you a tutorial!
5. Please respect and utilise the rating system!
6. Warnings need to indicate violence, swearing, and anything else that might be deemed inappropriate for young readers.
7. Do not post responses to the prompts on the prompt posts! Post a seperate post!
8. Do not use your stories or prompt responses as a stool to bash others and their beliefs. This includes homosexuality, politics, the economy, other nations, beliefs/religions. Hatred and resentment does not settle anything and it will not be tolerated here.
9. All entries must be public unless you ask permission first. This is to ensure that the community does not adopt an "elitist" attitude.

What kind of fiction is not allowed here?
Real Person Fic (RPF) and Real Person Slash (RPS) --the one and only exception to RPF is in the event of historical pieces (ie George Washington, Neil Armstrong, etc.)

What about slash?
Homosexuality is as prevailant in our society today as it was in the past. This cannot be ignored, however, slash is not encouraged here. If the fandom you write for calls for homosexual/bisexual characters, this is fine so long as it is not the focus of the story. We understand that when people come to Christ, we're imperfect and we are thusly changed. If your story indicates such a change, please post it. On the same note, stories that promote hatred and degradation of those who are homosexuals are not tolerated at all. Stories like that are damaging and do not show Christian love at all and have no place here.

What if I want to put sex into my story?
Stories that contain sex scenes (or the like) are simply not allowed here. If there is a scene that fades to black, that is fine.

What if my story doesn't contain Christian scriptures or talk directly about God?
Don't worry, this is perfectly fine! As long as your story meets our community guidelines you're more than welcome to post what you've got!

Posting Fiction Criteria:

[Header] " (fic) " - (fandom-if applicable) - Rating
Fandom: (if applicable)
Warnings: (if applicable)
Author's Note: (do not make this incredibly long and this should also be where disclaimers go if you are writing fanfic) Summary:
Regarding the ratings, only ratings used for games are not allowed. Use whatever rating you feel most comfortable with to mark your stories. The ones that are most common are the Fiction Ratings (K-MA), UK, and American.

What if I am posting a drabble?
If your response to a prompt or post in general is below 200 words, use this:

What if I have a question that's not answered on here?
Feel free to contact one of your friendly mods and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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